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Tom Colicchio's Chicken Soup

Get a much-needed warm hug straight from Tom Colicchio's home kitchen courtesy of his favorite winter soup. 

This week's Craft at Home box features two quarts of Chef Colicchio's homestyle Chicken Soup. A cold weather favorite, this soup is deeply flavored with his choice aromatics and cooked down in his favorite pressure cooker. Makes for the perfect seasonal lunch or beginning to a warm winter dinner.

HELP US SUPPORT THE FUTURE OF FOOD. A portion of the proceeds from each box will be donated to the Food Education Fund; their work helps to prepare and empower the next generation of leaders through food.

Click here for a look at the other shippable menus Tom Colicchio is working on to allow you to advance plan your ordering.

Chicken Soup pre-order is now closed. Check back next week for an exciting shipping partnership!