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From dinner to dessert Craft restaurant, in NYC, combines the finest dining experiences with a sustainable, farm to table approach. Our dynamic, seasonal menus offer authentic flavors, presented simply. 

We know that in season fruits and vegetables offer crisper textures and cleaner flavors. Having our creative and innovative culinary team use these ingredients, on our menus, creates an experience that only Craft can deliver. Since we only use the seasons best, our menus are often subject to change but this dedication allow us to provide our guests with a consistent and thoughtful dining experience & deliver the authentic farm to table experience that we are widely known for. 

Whether an arugula salad from Tom’s home garden or locally sourced, roasted mushrooms, Craft allows you to rediscover your love and appreciation for whole, in season food prepared to perfection by NYC's top chef. Sweet peas, succulent meats, mushrooms and a host of others await on the seasonal menus at Craft. Become a part of the Craft family today.